6 Most Common Types and Symptoms of Acne That You Must Not Avoid

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles get clubbed with oil and dead skin cells. And acne is not something that is to be ignored.

Have you ever noticed that workouts can make acne worse? Yes, they can!

A acne starts with a small bump and it can spread throughout your skin. Signs and symptoms of acne may vary from person to person:

  • It depends on the severity and cleanliness of your skin condition.
  • You may notice acne signs across the face, chest, neck, back, upper arms etc as these areas contain the most oil glands.

Most of the times, we just take it lightly and ignore acne symptoms in starting. And sometimes we just don’t know that these symptoms exist.

You can have mild, moderate or severe acne depending on the skin type you have. To know more about the signs and symptoms of acne you should give a good read below.

Acne Types that may Appear on your Skin

Whenever you feel some painful bumps across your skin you think it is a simple breakout, but it may be one of the types of acne that is a pimple. Following are the acne signs that you must not avoid:

1. Whiteheads

Acne of this kind is small, round and white bump-shaped caused when skin oil secretions and dead skin cells clog the pore area and block the core opening.

2. Blackheads

  • These occur when pores get blocked by dead skin and oil.
  • Generally black in color because when dead skin & oil gets exposed to air, it gets oxidized.
  • These are mainly present on the surface of the nose and don’t leave scars.

3. Nodules

Acne of this kind is small, round and white bump-shaped caused when skin oil secretions and dead skin cells clog the pore area and block the core opening.

  • These are wider than pimples i.e. large hard lumps filled with inflamed tissue or a mixture of tissue & fluid.
  • If you feel some colored fluid within the nodule then it may be an infection but these are usually harmless and can be treatable.
  • Common areas for these nodules to form include underarms, groins, lungs and thyroid glands.

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4. Pustules

  • Pustules are small bumps on the skin filled with fluid or pus caused by hormonal changes or imbalances in the body.
  • These are bigger in size than a pimple usually present as white bumps surrounded by red skin.
  • They mainly occur across the face, back, neck, hairline, chest, shoulders, underarms etc.

5. Papules

  • These are small red bumps that may feel sore or tender and are often called skin lesions.
  • Papules can change the color or texture of your skin.
  • Their size is less than 1 centimeter and have distinct borders and can appear in a variety of shapes.

6. Cysts

These are not the most common type of acne but are severe acne signs and can be harmful to your skin.

  • Cysts are large pus-filled lumps, the most severe type of spots caused by acne.
  • It can develop as a result of clogging of sebaceous glands i.e. oil glands, infection etc.
  • These are similar to boils and carry a great risk of permanent scarring for many years.
  • Among the types of cysts, most are non-cancerous or benign yet it needs to be taken care of before it turns harmful.

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Common Symptoms of Acne

Acne is a worldwide problem and it becomes more complicated when not treated properly. If a person has oily skin and feels some changes in their body then it may be one of the common signs of acne.

Know that this may adversely affect the skin and can also leave some spots and scars over the skin.

As already described above that its types may vary from skin to skin. Yet, to be sure that your skin is undergoing the changes and is about to get acne; you need to know these symptoms:

  • Dark spots on Skin: When you feel some type of bump over your skin then it can be acne, may cause dark spots on the skin whenever you squeeze or peel them.
    It takes months or years to disappear after proper medication.
  • Scars: Sometimes people who get nodules and cysts may face big or small scars when acne clears.
    These scars may turn to be permanent on your skin if not treated properly. Always consult a dermatologist to prevent cysts and nodules.
  • Depression: People who have acne may suffer from a medical condition known as depression.
    The depression can be so bad that people get negative thoughts; become agoraphobic and so on.
  • Lack of confidence: Many studies show that people who have acne are more likely to lose their confidence easily.
    They think that they are not good looking and cannot perform better than others.

Once you feel that you surely have these symptoms of acne, I’d immediately recommend you to try natural remedies for acne first. The faster you act on these, the faster you will get rid of the acne.

But if you see that you are having whiteheads, blackheads or any of these acne signs in large numbers, go to a dermatologist for treatment.

We hope that this article may be of great help to you in need. In case you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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